Raw material barrel washing baking sub-packed rolling linkage line

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Raw material barrel washing baking sub-packed rolling linkage line

Device Overview

The Company after many years of research, the new introduction of raw materials aluminum barrel cleaning, sterilization, sub-packing, rolling cap linkage line. Is the first in line with the FDA, the European Union standards of raw materialalumin aluminum barrelster aseptic packaging of automatic production line, intelligent control not only reduces labor intensity, but also save energy consumption;
Through the user's production verification conclusion, it is proved that the raw material aluminum barrel washing, baking, sub-packing / rolling cap production linkage line to fill the domestic raw materials sterile packaging professional machinery blank.

Features of equipment

  1. According to the raw material container sterile packaging requirements specially designed intelligent professional production linkage line.
  2. The barrel washes have ultrasonic rough washing, injection water cleaning (can be set any number of cleaning or set cleaning time parameters);
  3. Tunnel sterilization oven has an efficient negative pressure air flow seal structure, circulating air pressure self-balance, thermal division uniform, with wetting, water cooling, cleaning function, can be based on the size of aluminum barrels, production requirements for special design.
  4. The split/capping machine is equipped with HBM aseptic load cell (water resistant) and the Siemens weighing module is used to accommodate materials with different specific gravitys.
  5. External mixing drums and feed pipes, valves and circulating return ducts are all made of 316L material, and their pipe connections are all used in fast-card mode, easy to disassemble, clean, sterilise, in line with GMP requirements.
  6. The split/rolling machine has the function of automatic spray cleaning of the inner wall of the return duct, and the hand-held air spray gun forcing water to dry, and can also be protected by heating gas dehumidification or inert media.
  7. The production linkage line can be used either jointly or individually. The linkage line has the fault prompt function, which can be selected to provide the remote equipment troubleshooting function according to customer requirements.
  8. Provide a complete range of GMP verification programs and verification documents to assist users with FDA verification.

How it works

Raw aluminum barrel manual handling or from the conveyor belt into the pre-injection water station, filled with water buckets through the lifting device into the independent ultrasonic cleaning tank, first of all ultrasonic rough washing, and then step by barrel lift into the rotating bucket body, circulating water, gas alternate flushing the outer wall of the barrel, tracking water, gas alternate blowing inside the barrel wall. Complete the cleaning process, clean the barrel under the protective cover, according to the set combination arranged into multiple ways into the oven.

Tunnel sterilization oven has moisture control, de-heat source, cooling function, specially designed mesh belt timing open light door not only to make the set temperature can be controlled, to ensure that the chemical performance of aluminum barrels remains unchanged, but also to achieve fH value of 1365 minutes sterilization effect. Out of the oven sterile barrel, under RABS protection, through the lifting device into the sub-packing/rolling machine.

The split/capping machine comprises a buffer section, a split section, and a rolling cap segment. Each segment is protected by c-RABS layer flow, forming different pressure differential isolation segments in the same level (A-level) region, which can monitor the environmental quality of Class A in real time. Aluminum barrels in the buffer section before the inner lid has been fastened, into the buffer section, and then into the sub-assembly section, according to the physical nature of the liquidity of raw materials, are using different aseptic docking (slope) secondary feeding multi-group weighing, by the computer to calculate the instantaneous combination. Aluminum barrel sfilling into the rolling cover section, suction cup device will cover the cover and rubber ring in the aluminum barrel port, and finally complete the fully automatic production process into the rolling cap process.

The process parameters of the whole linkage line realize the function of online display, printing, storage and alarm. The implementation of human-machine interface operation, visual reflection of production conditions, and analysis of equipment operating dynamics, directly on the touch screen according to user requirements for selection and modification.



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