Washing, baking, air flow distribution, plug, rolling cover automatic powder production linkage line

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Washing, baking, air flow distribution, plug, rolling cover automatic powder production linkage line

Device Overview

Washing, baking, air flow distribution, plug, rolling cap automatic powder production linkage line in full accordance with GMP standards for powder distribution production design of high-quality, high-yield linkage line, by the KAQCL series vertical ultrasonic bottle rheumator, SZAX series of hot air cycle tunnel sterilization oven and APF airflow powder sub-packed capping machine. Ultrasonic bottle washing machine can complete the bottle ultrasonic rough cleaning, bottle outside wall cleaning, three gas three water cleaning inside the bottle, hot air cycle tunnel sterilization oven can be cleaned bottle into the line drying, sterilization de-heat source, APF airflow powder sub-packing and plug-in capping machine using single-head or double-head intermittent sub-packing, directly sub-packinto into the bottle after adding a plug-rolled, No secondary contamination. This linkage line is equipped with foreign instrumentation, can be online detection, printing, storage process parameters. At the same time on the filling and filling plug machine equipped with isolation protection system, in line with the new version of GMP, CGMP requirements

Features of equipment

The equipment is stable, with advanced configuration, full function, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable, high degree of intelligence. The scope of application of the linkage line: specifications 2-25 ml, yield 40-80 bottles / minute. Equipment to process parameters, operating status and other important data can be displayed online, printing, storage functions, real-time monitoring equipment operation with automatic shutdown, alarm function. Bottle washing machine with ultrasonic cleaning function, and the use of tracking cleaning system, the inside and outside walls of the bottle to clean one by one, to ensure the quality of the bottle. Bottle washes circulating water filtration as ultrasonic spray water and pre-cleaning, saving water.

The heat distribution of sterilization oven is even and the heat utilization rate is high. The cooling section of sterilization oven can be air-cooled or water-cooled, and can be sterilized online. The machine adopts multi-head batch packaging to directly pack sterile raw materials into bottles to avoid secondary pollution. The dividing machine can complete production under isolation protection, and the environmental index of the dividing area can be detected at the same time. Provide complete verification documents to assist GMP and CGMP validation.


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