GYHH series Xilin bottle filling plug machine

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GYHH series Xilin bottle filling plug machine

Features of equipment

1. Water needles and freeze-dried preparations for the filling of cilras bottles (semi-plus or full-added) .

2. This filling plug machine adopts horizontal synchronous belt way to transport the bottle, will not produce pollution from filling, more in line with GMP requirements.

3. Using synchronous belt transmission and positioning, the bottle runs smoothly, the positioning is precise and non-wiggling, and the replacement specifications are convenient.

4. The use of a servo motor and a step-by-step motor to drive the volume pump and deflection of the check valve device, to meet the high precision of the installation of the process requirements. The one-head pump stepper motor is used to drive the piston deflection to remove the check valve device.

5. According to the process can be used long (4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20) tracking filling, to meet different production requirements.

6. The use of automated procedures to reduce human error.

7. The use of a soft vacuum plug device, 20 suction trays, progressive top bottle plug, so that the success rate of the plug greatly increased.

8. Use an isolator and an FFU protection system to prevent cross-contamination.

9. The isolator can realize the function of various air indicators in the on-line inspection filling area, and has the functions of printing, display, storage, alarm, control and so on.

10. The use of a variety of material transfer and docking devices, in line with THE GMP certification requirements.

11. The bottle can be docked with a variety of devices and is protected by an isolator and FFU.

12. The isolator is operated in a glove box and the device is detected with gloves.

13. The machine can also use a peristaltic pump filling device.

14. Direct contact with material accessories can be cleaned and disinfected, easy to remove.


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