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Device description

Automatic cylinder washing, drying, filling and filling production linkage line is designed for cylinder production according to GMP standard with high quality and high output,It is composed of QCLX series vertical ultrasonic bottle washing machine, SZAX series hot air circulation tunnel sterilization oven and GYSF series filling and stuffing machine. The ultrasonic bottle washing machine can complete the ultrasonic rough cleaning of the bottle, the cleaning of the outer wall of the bottle, and the cleaning of the three gases and three water in the bottle. The sterilization oven in the hot air circulation tunnel can dry the cleaned bottle, sterilize the bacteria and remove the heat source. The GYSF filling and filling machine can complete the filling and filling functions. The linkage line is equipped with foreign instruments and meters, which can detect, print and store process parameters online. Meanwhile, the filling and filling machine is equipped with an isolation protection system, which meets the requirements of the new version of GMP and CGMP.

Features of equipment

  • The equipment is stable in operation, advanced in configuration, complete in function, beautiful in appearance, safe and reliable, and highly intelligent.
  • Applicable range of linkage line, specification: 2-20ml, production capacity 50-600 bottles/min.
  • The equipment can display, print and store the process parameters, operation status and other important data online. The real-time monitoring equipment is equipped with automatic shutdown and alarm function.
  • The bottle washing machine has the function of ultrasonic cleaning and adopts the tracking cleaning system to clean the inner and outer walls of bottles one by one to ensure the quality of bottle washing.
  • The circulating water of bottle washing machine can be used as ultrasonic spray water and pre-cleaning to save water.
  • The heat distribution of sterilization oven is even and the heat utilization rate is high.
  • The cooling section of sterilization oven can be air-cooled or water-cooled, and can be sterilized online.
  • Filling and filling machine adopts synchronous tracking filling, full servo control to ensure the precision of filling.
  • The filling and filling machine is equipped with FFU and isolation protection system, and can constantly monitor the environmental quality of area A.
  • Adopt various forms of sterile material transfer and connect with other equipment under isolation protection.
  • Provide complete verification documents to assist GMP and CGMP validation.



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